A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract, a legal document that is signed by two witnesses (Edim) and presented to a bride by her husband during the wedding ceremony (Kiddushin).  The text of a traditional ketubah specifies the rights and responsibilities of the husband in a spousal relationship and serves as legal protection for the bride.

The lovely tradition of illuminating, painting and decorating ketubot echoes styles and movements in art history. Over the centuries, the popularity among marrying couples to commission beautifully conceived and executed ketubot had waxed and waned.  As an artist and scribe, I am proud to take part  in the re-emergence and revitalization of ketubah art.

Today, the variety of ketubah designs and the options available for texts offers couples opportunities to express the uniqueness of their relationship and stay faithful to tradition. 

Ketubot for Jewish, Interfaith, Same Sex Weddings and commitment covenants for couples of all backgrounds and traditions are available in Aramaic, Hebrew and English.  See Ketubah Texts to view available options.

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