Thank you for your hrd work and artistic contribution to Rena and Matt's life.  We are all so lucky to be privileged by your talents..... Sharon and Ken
~ Sharon and Ken
John and I wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job on our ketuba.  Signing it was one of the moving parts of our ceremony.....We have chosen a deep purple matte and a lovely gold-toned from for it.  We are really looking forward to hanging it once it is ready.......All our very best, Rachel and John
~ Rachel and John
Thank you so much for the class presented to the "Neshama Yetera" group from Israel.  They were enthralled by your expertise, your talent and by the way you conveyed your love of Torah and teaching...
Todah, Lilach

~ Lilach
Here are the pictures I took at the Siyyum on October 13-14 (2010).  How glorious a process!~
Thank you for your gifts of knowledge and courage to inscribe the Torah...  Ada
~ Ada
This is the first piece of "real" art that we own.  And what's even more special is that it is OUR ketubah.  the hamsa design and the colors are just what we envisioned.  Thank you so much.  Sharon and Fabio
~ Sharon and Fabio