Workshops and Classes


I offer a variety of classes related to “safrut”, Hebrew calligraphy, Torah and Midrash.  Some are appropriate for young children, others for teenagers and adults.  Some are text based, others are hands-on, some subjects are covered in one class, others in a series of classes, but all are interesting and informative!

"FAQ's About Torah Scrolls and Those Who Write Them"

Explore why we write the Torah on parchment scrolls and how the scribe creates a Torah.



The Power of Letters

Explore the wealth of midrashic texts about the importance of the written word in Jewish tradition.

"Tools of the Trade”; Quill, Ink, Parchment, and “Giddin” (thread)

A show-and-tell session in which the details of klaf making, the skill of cutting the quill, and the many recipes for ink making are discussed and demonstrated.

“Script with the Scribe”

Learn how to form the Hebrew letters in the style of Torah script and create your own artwork to take home.

"Women in the Torah"

The roles of Sarah, Rivka, Miriam, and some lesser-known women in the Torah are explored in this series of enlightening class.

"Girls and Women’s Sessions"

I am very proud to be part of a very small, but growing number of women who have studied “safrut” over the past ten years. Exploring Judaism and gender in a safe environment inspires women and girls to challenge their boundaries.
For more info on any class, or for general inquiries, you make contact Linda