The texts of the five Megillot (scrolls) included in the Bible provide the material for beautiful and creative artistic expression.   For example, the mitzvah of publically reading of the book of Esther (Megillat Esther) on the holiday of Purim is the impetus for the tradition of creating illuminated and decorated Esther scrolls.  Unhindered by the halachic restraints that govern the writing of Torah, mezuah and tefillin, soferim throughout history have used the margins of the parchment scroll as a canvas for visual midrash on the text or simply as a method of “hiddur mitzvah” (beautifying the mitzvah). 

I welcome commissions for megillot Esther, as well as for the other Megillot of the Bible.

For more info on any item, or for general inquiries, you make contact Linda