Scribal Art

This is the world of the sofer/et.  As a scribe, I write the sacred texts of Judaism that are part of the rituals of our faith;  Torah, Mezuzah, Tefillin, the Prophets, the Five Megillot.  In this way, I transmit our tradition to present and future generations.

Learning to scribe a Torah, mezuzah or tefillin requires learning a separate, and extensive set of rules and skills called safrut. I looked for an appropriate teacher and found Dr. Eric Ray, z'l. He not only agreed to teach a woman, but he also gave me the confidence and encouragement to embark on this endeavor. With him, I learned the basics of safrut which includes forming the letters, studying the texts of the sofer, cutting the quill, learning recipes for ink and distinguishing between the different kinds of parchment. When he passed away, I met another female pioneer in this field and together we formed a Hevruta (study group) to continue to study the sofer's texts, and to support each other in (the very male) world of safrut.